FOCKSA Newsletters

Do you shop online? Next time you do please save as a 'Favourite' and then use the site before shopping. There are links to over 2000 retailers and each one will donate a percentage of your shop to the school. It does not cost you or us anything and it is an easy way to raise money for the school.

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FOCKSA Committee Members:

Mrs Fiona Dixon : Secretary (Picasso)
Mrs Denise Tucker : (Picasso / Da Vinci)
Mrs Lucy Jones : (Da Vinci)
Mrs Vic Pickup: (Cassatt)
Mrs Angela Bidgood: (Cassatt / Gauguin)
Mrs Sarah Britland : Treasurer (Lowry / Gauguin)
Mrs Alix Souissi: (Cassatt)
Mrs Zoe Charlton : (President)
Mrs Clare Price : (Staff Representative)
Mrs Suzanne Craddock :
(Governor Representative)