Religious Education Policy


At Charles Kingsley’s School Religious Education will increase knowledge of the central beliefs, ideas and practices of the Christian faith and other major world religions and philosophies.

Through our planned programme of work Religious Education will

  • provide a set of constant values in a changing world
  • promote and develop the values of love, acceptance and forgiveness
  • develop in children an awareness of spirituality and wonder
  • encourage children to express and respect their own and others values and beliefs
  • develop an awareness of the range of beliefs held by other communities

The teaching of religion will reflect the ethos of the school, embracing honesty, consideration and respect for all.

The teaching will be in accordance with the Education Act 1988, and Hampshire’s Agreed Syllabus, accepted by the Diocese of Winchester.

In order to support the teaching a range of artefacts, places of worship and stories will be used. The Religious Education of the school will be according to the terms of the Trust Deed.

Whenever possible the teaching will be supported by the resources of the church. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from parts or all of R.E. lessons. In such circumstances, parents are encouraged to discuss this with the Headteacher.

This document should be read alongside the R.E. guidelines.