Sex Education


At Charles Kingsley's Primary School we believe that sex education should:

  • be an integral part of he learning process, beginning in childhood and continuing into adult life;
  • be for all children, including those with physical, learning or emotional difficulties; q encourage exploration of values and moral issues;
  • enable children to come to an understanding of their own bodies, instincts ad feelings in order to be prepared for the joys and responsibilities of permanent relationships;
  • allow children to appreciate the value of family life;
  • be taught within the Christian framework;
  • be sensitive to the different emotional needs of all pupils;

The Hampshire Guidelines for Sex Education in School is used as a framework for teaching and learning.

The children will be gradually introduced to various aspects of reproduction, including life-cycles of plants and creatures, which will culminate in a programme of sex education in the Summer term for Year 5 and 6 pupils. Where possible it will be linked to the teaching and understanding of ‘moving on’ and ‘the journey of life.’

This policy will be monitored annually by the Governors of the school.