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Da Vinci - Year 6

Welcome to Da Vinci's Class Page

In Da Vinci class we keep going when learning is tough, and learn from our mistakes.

We learn that mistakes are 





Welcome to the Da Vinci class page of our school website.


The Year 6 team is Mrs Price, the Y6 teacher, along with Mrs White, who support the children with their learning. Mrs Connelly joined the team in the run up to SATs and really enjoyed her time with the Year 6 childrden.


Year 6 is a special year where the children are encouraged to grab every opportunity they can you make their final year at CKS one they will remember for years.  The summer term is very busy so please add any dates from the newsletters to your diaries.


Our concept of RELATIONSHIPS began with a walk to Bluebell Woods where we will begin to explore the relationship between us and our surroundings.  This linked with our art sculpture topic about natural v manmade which culminated in an art exhibition.  This was enjoyed by all the children and the pride in the work they had done was evident. The Brochure produced is saved at a link at the end of the page.


Find out about how our new curriculum links with our key concepts RELATIONSHIPS and CONSQUENCES in the Summer newsletter.


Our R.E. Understanding Christianity unit for the first half term was linked to Creation and the relationship between creation and science. Rev. Lerys joined us to help us make sense of the creation story.


In the Autumn term, we visited Liddington where the children learnt a lot about themselves and their classmates.  They demonstrated their Habits of Mind and the School Values (R.E.S.P.E.C.T) throughout the week.


During the Spring term our key concepts were IDENTITY and FREEDOM. The children will found out more about who they are with the help of their families.  Our exit from the IDENTITY concept was the celebrated with the children presenting their Who I am projects. A wonderful way to spend a day.  We began our work on FREEDOM with  'A Play In A Day'. Our learning will be celebrated with the production of a 'Dreams of Freedom' Quilt. The large patches have been pinned ready to for the pupils to sew over the Easter holidays.  Mrs White, our expert quilter, will then put our patches together.  See the pinned version below.


Things that have already happened this term

Hook on walk to Bluebell Woods, SATs Week, Buddy Walk to Bluebell Woods,

School Disco, a transition meeting with staff and pupils from Yateley School

and Y6 Relationships Art Exhibition.

Things still to happen this term

Equal Rights - Equal Respect - Learning Event - 5th June 6pm

CK200 Event - 14th June

The Globe trip - 2nd July

Y6 performance of their opera - 9th July 2.30pm

Winchester Cathedral trip and Leavers' Service - 12th July

Leavers' Celebration Assembly - 19th July 9.15am


Please keep checking back to the page for updates and photos.

Relationships Art Exhibition

Information for parents about KS1 and KS2 SATS

Our Freedom Quilt laid out with the pinned designs.

Our Freedom Quilt laid out with the pinned designs. 1

KS2 SATs Evening Information