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  • Charles Kingsley's Church of England
  • (Aided)
  • Primary School, Glaston Hill Road,
  • Eversley, Hook, Hampshire,
  • RG27 0LX
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  • "Serve one another humbly in love" Galatians 5:13b

Collective Worship

“Worship the Lord with gladness;  come before him with joyful songs”

Psalm 100

Charles Kingsley’s CE Primary School believes that collective worship is an expression of the school’s Christian Vison. It is a reference point from which all our activities, thoughts, feelings and school ethos are developed.


We aim to promote collective acts of worship, which are rich, meaningful experiences that are appropriate and significant to the pupil’s needs, age, development and interest.


Collective Worship Planning

Collective worship is planned systematically, so there is continuity, variety and clear focus on Christian beliefs and festivals. Worship is led by a variety of people that include school staff, pupils, governors, representatives from the parish church, members of different faith communities and members of the local community.


Spring Term 2024


Theme: Thinking Creatively 

Key Concept:

THINKING CREATIVELY as we question, discuss, create, explore and develop wisdom.


"Blessed are those who find wisdom."(Proverbs 3:13)


‘Serve one another humbly in love.’

Galatians 5:13b


Jesus' wisdom is seen in the stories he told in his parable. Jesus' parables made use of the themes and situations familiar to his hearers but invited them to see things in new ways. Finding those new ways in our learning takes perseverance and patience. At Charles Kingsley’s CE Primary we develop the ability to be patient, not in meaning of waiting for something, but in being slow to anger, no matter the circumstances or how frustrating things may seem.