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  • Charles Kingsley's Church of England
  • (Aided)
  • Primary School, Glaston Hill Road,
  • Eversley, Hook, Hampshire,
  • RG27 0LX
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  • "Serve one another humbly in love" Galatians 5:13b

Spirituality at CKS

What does spirituality look like at CKS?



To be extraordinary and to lift you out of the day to day.

  • Spirituality is leaving the door ajar to let in the moments big and small that have the power to shape us. It is being curious and open and reflective. It is understanding that spirituality doesn’t take one form and may be different for every person.

  • It is a special feeling. It is moments of awe and wonder that make you stop and reflect. It gives you wow moments but also moments of calm. It is not something that you are told but instinctive and intrinsic.

  • It is an internal feeling connecting you to what is beyond and an understanding that you are part of something greater that brings you joy.


To be inclusive and not unique to any faith or religion.

  • It is inclusive and experienced by everyone no matter what their faith, culture or understanding. All humans are curious and can experience wonder, love or concern in reaction to range of things.

  • It does not have to be linked to a faith or religion. All children and adults can feel it in a school as diverse as ours.

  • Spirituality can be experienced individually or collectively and differs from person to person.

  • It evolves and develops throughout our lives.


To recognise that is more than just a warm, fuzzy feeling, it is:

  • Appreciating what is around you

  • Self-reflection

  • Being still

  • Being observant

  • It can be brought about by encounters with music, love or nature

  • It cannot always be put into words


How does our school help the community to develop spiritually and allow children and staff to spiritually flourish?


Our main opportunity for developing spiritual development is within Collective Worship. Worship takes place in both the hall, our classrooms and sometime in our outdoor space. We ensure that there are opportunities to foster spiritual development through stillness, silence music, word, images, video and deep questions.

We also consider the development of ‘spiritual capacities’ (David Smith – Making Sense of Spiritual Development) across the wider life of the school.


Spiritual Capacities include children’s ability to:

  • be guided by their beliefs and values and be willing to take a stand to defend them

  • be self-aware and empathise with the experience of others in the school and wider community

  • love themselves, care for themselves, believe in their potential to achieve, and find inner strength and resilience when facing challenges

  • exercise imagination and creativity, appreciate beauty in the world and be alive to experiences of awe and wonder

  • be intrigued by mystery and be open to an awareness of the transcendent in the whole of life

  • be comfortable with stillness and silence and open to engage in reflection/meditation/prayer

  • be ready to say sorry when mistakes are made, to forgive themselves and to forgive others

  • be willing to take risks and to reflect, learn and grow following experiences of failure as well as success

  • demonstrate curiosity and open mindedness when exploring life’s big questions

  • appreciate and be thankful for what is good in life and show generosity towards others


‘‘Spirituality and spiritual development have a place is schools because we are required to have them there, because it is our children’s right, because they are integral to the purpose of education and because they can make a positive contribution to good practice.”


David Holmes